Store Policy:

We accept clothing sizes 0 to size10/12,we also accept maternity apparel, toys, books, furniture and equipment. Clothing no more than 3 year’s old and in excellent condition and freshly laundered. Please bring in hangers for your clothes, if you have extras. Clothing must be "like new", We do not accept any clothing with moth ball, storage, pet, smoke odor or pet hair. They must be free of stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc... Two + pieces need to be together either by hanger or safety pin. Please NO garbage bags, we only accept clothing in clean boxes and totes. Toys, equipment and furniture items must include all original parts, be clean, in working condition, and instructions if possible. Please use a zip lock bag for toys that have small pieces. Put fresh batteries in electronics so customers can see that an item works. Cribs must be only 2 years old or newer, please check recalls before bringing in, at “US Consumer Product Safety Commission”. (Please bring in copy of the recall sheet saying “no recalls”, if possible). Books must be in good shape with no damaged pages. We only accept clean, new, like new, diaper genies. The better your items look, the more you’ll make! Things we DON’T buy, stuffed animals.